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In FM the cost of doing nothing is high

Understand the implications of the Resources and Waste Strategy for England and how your business can bring about significant and lasting change.

In FM the Cost of doing nothing is high

Earlier this year IWFM’s Sustainability Survey reported that environmental impact is an increasingly important element of the workplace and facilities management arena. This can be seen from tenders now requiring environmental and social value as part of FM delivery.

Waste is no longer rubbish that is collected from a site, it is a valuable resource that needs careful and planned management. Being proactive is the most effective way to do this. The alternative is to do what has always been done before – and this will only ever result in cost increases and will certainly not create positive and beneficial change.

We have developed a paper that provides companies with a helpful steer to avoid the potential implications of inaction following the release of DEFRA’s Resource and Waste Strategy for England.

Some of the key challenges outlined are:


  • Businesses are left not knowing what action to take until the legal requirement to change is set.
  • We create an increasingly disparate market with tactical initiatives implemented on partial knowledge
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